Youth Kenya Mission Trip, Day 5

Youth Kenya Mission Trip, Day 5 by Hannah Reeder

Today we woke up and had our wonderful breakfast that was prepared for us. I am so thankful for the people who prepare our food and greet us with warm smiles in the morning. We headed off to take our sponsored children to see giraffes. The children soon joined us on the bus with us. I sat with a sweet girl named Linda. She was twelve years old. We talked immediately like we have been friends forever. We discussed many topics. She would equally ask me many questions. She loves to bake. She likes the color black, red and pink. We talked about our favorite flowers and school subjects. What I remember most is that she told me she wanted to provide for her family before she provided for herself. I told her I was proud of her. I was sad leaving her today because she wanted me to come to her house.


We finally got to where the giraffes were. We all walked in together and we all sat together. We learned about the giraffes and the kids even got to hold a bone of one. We then got our pellets to feed the giraffes. The kids crowded around and fed them with bright smiles. Some have been to see the animals before but that did not stop their happiness. We then took a group picture. Then we went back to the school.

We continued with our VBS activities. Sports, music, and telling the Bible story went well. Today the lesson was on the Good Samaritan. In my crafts section we gave first aid kits for the kids to draw on. One thing I noticed straight away from the kids is that they are patient and polite to their friends. They truly showed the actions of loving our neighbor everyday.

After VBS we ended the day with a sweet goodbye. The group walked downstairs and all of the children and the social workers met us. It was bitter sweet. They make our greeting and goodbyes memorable. We celebrated the new elevator that Snyder helped the school get. All of us could see how truly grateful everyone was. An elevator might be a small thing to us but was a big deal for them. The kids of all age groups sang and danced for us. I am still impressed with the memorization of scriptures. We can learn a lot from the kids and they held me accountable to keep reading scripture. They brought out a cake for all of us. And then they sang us a song and gave us all beautiful cloth. They danced with us and did not just embrace us with the cloth but with love. Even though we are far we are all in each other’s prayers. Today showed me that when we praise God together and show the love that the people in Kenya do we are one. We are the Body of Christ and nothing can break us apart. As they say here in Kenya 1 2 3 you are the best. For my new friends you all are the best in my heart. Kwaheri kwa sasa “goodbye for now.” ❤️