Youth Choir


Snyder Youth Choir has a tradition of excellence and a high expectation for each singer/member to become involved and participate, giving their best effort.  It is an honor to be in one of the premier Church Youth Choirs in the state of North Carolina.  With this continued striving toward excellence, we honor not only our tradition and heritage, but we give glory to Christ, our reason for singing.

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Youth Choir Leadership 2019-20

Richard Suggs, Minister of Music
Leslie Davis & Donna Davenport, Accompanists
Kristie West and Natalie Fryer, Youth Choir Co-Coordinators
Sara Barefoot, Music/Worship Admin Assistant

2019-20 Special Dates

Regular Sunday rehearsal times are Sunday, August 18 – November 24 & January 12 – April 19 at 5:00 p.m.

Wed August 18:  First Night for Youth Choir
Sun September 22:  Sing in 11:00 Worship
Sun October 20:  Sing in 8:40 and 11:00 Worship
Sun, November 24:  Extended Rehearsal (4:30 - 6:10pm)
Sun, December 1:  Extended Rehearsal (5:00 - 6:30pm)
Tues-Wed, December 3-4 Singing Christmas Tree Rehearsal
Thurs-Sun  December 5-8 Singing Christmas Tree Presentations
Wed Jan 12: Youth Choir resumes
Wed, March 22: Youth Sunday: Youth lead in Worship
Fri-Sun, April 24-26: Youth Choir Festival/Spring Tour
Sun, April 26: Homecoming Concert

Youth Choir Spring Tour
April 24-26, 2020
Wilmington, NC

Snyder Youth Choir will be singing and serving at a number of locations through the weekend.

The tour will conclude the weekend with a homecoming concert at Snyder on Sunday evening.

2020 Music/Mission Trip to
Nairobi, Kenya

June 11-21, 2020

Details & Requirements at

All-State Youth Choir
July 12-19, 2020

This is an optional activity for youth singers in grades 9-12. Their purpose is to support and encourage youth choir ministry in North Carolina churches by offering worship through performance opportunities, musical development and leadership development while striving for excellence in musicianship, resulting in changed lives.
Audition dates and locations TBD.

For more information go to: www.ncbaptist.org

In order to meet scholarship requirements, students must participate in Youth Choir for the entire Spring semester and Youth Choir Tour.  Amount of scholarship is TBD.