Preschool Care

rose preschoolPreschool care – extended session during worship

I’m NEW to Snyder’s Preschool ministry?  Please check out all the info below and when you are ready to attend for the first time please register online.
Preschoolers are cared for in the Children’s Building during all worship services. Parents are asked to sign their children in at the reception desk where they will be given a pager. The pager will serve as a “claim check” when you pick up your child. Children will not be released to anyone who does not have the appropriate pager. If you attend 8:40 a.m. service you do not need to return to the preschool area to transfer your child to Sunday School. We will do that for you. If you attend the 11:00 a.m. we will automatically care for your child until after worship.

We have a staff of paid personnel but we depend mostly upon parents to provide care during the worship services. All parents are asked to volunteer to serve on a rotating basis during the worship they attend. This means you would serve about 1 Sunday out of 8.

Preschool care is generally available for all church activities but for events other than Sunday and Wednesday nights, we request you sign up by calling the church office if you need child care. Feel free to call the church office at 484-3191 to be sure care is available and if you need to make reservations.

Please label all diaper bags and coats with your child’s name. We will give bottles if you request it. Please talk with the Nursery Supervisor about any other needs you have.