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Please join us this Sunday at 8:40AM or 11:00AM for Worship!

Worship at Snyder is “encounter”-driven. 
     True “encounters” with God change the way we think and feel, moving us closer to the heart of God and into the the world to which He calls us.

Worship at Snyder is intentional. 
     With prayerful attention to detail and creativity, our worship gatherings are anchored in a biblical liturgy and reflect the richness of Christian tradition. 

Worship at Snyder is intergenerational.
     “All God’s people,” children, teenagers, and adults, are leaders and learners in corporate worship. 

Holding these values at the core, we invite you to either expression of worship at Snyder, one at 8:40am  in our Fellowship Hall and one at 11am in our Sanctuary.

Click here to get more info about our worship opportunities.