New Sermon Series

Beginning September 9

I am back from vacation and ready to kick off a new sermon series. We are going to be taking a close look at the Apostles’ Creed. A creed is a statement of the basic beliefs of a religion; an idea or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group. The Apostles’ Creed in its current form dates back to the 400s though it was being shaped as early as the second century. While not commonly used in the Baptist tradition, it has been a central part of weekly worship for other mainline Protestant denominations. For centuries, it has summarized – simply and succinctly – what unites us as believers in Christ. The first word of the Apostles’ Creed in Latin is “Credo.” It means “I believe.”

     What we believe matters. It profoundly affects the decisions we make and the way we live our lives. Adam Hamilton, in his book, “Creed:  What Christians Believe and Why,” writes, “Thirty-five years ago I decided that I believed the tenets expressed in the Apostles’ Creed. That decision has had a significant impact on my life every day since – on the person I married, the career I chose, the way I see right and wrong, how I parent my children, what I do with my time and money, and how I face adversity. These beliefs have led me to say no to many things I may have said yes to, and to say yes to things I might have otherwise said no to.” This semester we will explore what we as Christians believe together, why we believe it, and why it matters.

    One of the reasons I decided to do this series now is to focus on what unites us. We live in a culture that is increasingly divisive. There are so many forces that work to divide us. These forces can find their way into the church and disrupt the unity and fellowship God intends for us. One of my most important roles as a pastor is to protect and preserve the unity within the local church. Our church.