The Post-Easter “Deflation”

deflated-balloon-628x363-628x330No matter how hard I try to prevent it, I still seem to experience the same feeling every year. The post-Easter “deflation.” I realize it’s probably unavoidable. Mountaintop experiences wouldn’t be so special if they were sustainable to the point they become the norm. But I’m sure you can identify with what I am saying. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is a big deal! It changes everything! He is no less alive today than He was the day He rose from the grave. Why can’t we “Easter people” celebrate that truth every Sunday? Every day for that matter!

The answer lies somewhere in the middle. I am convinced that most Christians err on the low side. We are too quick to return to business as usual. Before the sun sets on Easter Sunday. Too satisfied with a temporary high that makes us feel good about our Christian faith. Too ready to let the lesser priorities of this world replace a passionate and persistent desire to live – as a daily reality – the abundant life Christ came to bring us.

But the other extreme is not realistic either. Mountaintop experiences are nice. And we need them. But living in a fallen world is hard. Even for the best of us. It is important for us to remember that God has called us into relationship with Him… to live out our faith in this world for Him. To be the Light-bearers He has called us to be, so that others with whom we rub shoulders every day will be drawn to Him as well. Peter, James and John wanted to remain on a high mountain when Jesus was transfigured before them. So much so that they wanted to set up shelters. A few short verses later, they were coming down from the mountaintop. There was too much work to be done in the valleys of life where we all live.

We’ve got work to do, too. His work. We have some immediate opportunities. The As One Prayer Walk this Saturday starting at 10:00 at Festival Park to show our city we are all united in Christ. Operation Inasmuch Blitz Day the following Saturday to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in our community. Opportunities to create a mountaintop experience for someone else. All in the name of our Risen Lord and for His glory. It is part of the abundant, purposeful life to which Christ has called us.

See you Saturday and Sunday! ~ John