Take It With You 12.05.2021

Take It With You…Peace and The Trouble With Christmas

We might think “the trouble with Christmas” is that we’re too busy, or we can’t get everything bought, wrapped or cooked.  Maybe we can’t make family members happy with Christmas plans, or perhaps we even have too many church responsibilities.  All of these can take our minds and hearts away from the miracle of our Savior born in a manger, born as the Prince of Peace to die for our sins so that we might sing “The Hallelujah Chorus” forever! 

Perhaps “the trouble with Christmas” is difficult memories. Singing Christmas Tree time brings a flood of memories for our family as during “Tree Week” we’ve experienced the loss of a baby 34 years ago, had a cancer diagnosis with surgery on the horizon (two “Tree Week” years in a row), and had a memorial service for one of our parents.  Because we have a Shepherd who is our Prince of Peace, we found Peace in Jesus and the love of a church family during those difficult “Tree Weeks”.  

Sometimes we forget that Jesus was born in a time of great unrest, much like we find in our world today.  Jesus’ birth caused a commotion with the unexpected arrival of the Messiah foretold 700 years before His birth.  When King Herod heard of Jesus’ birth, scripture says “he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him.”  The trouble with Christmas?  Jesus’ birth rocked the world, as He was born a ruler to shepherd the people. How appropriate that shepherds were the first to meet THE Shepherd!   Sheep know the voice of their shepherd.  When we know our Shepherd’s voice it is then that we experience true Peace in Christ alone.  

Giles Blankenship’s “Christmas to Me” beautifully portrays the Peace of Christmas.

“Christmas to Me” (Giles Blankenship)

I’d wish for Joy to the World, and heavenly peace,
that we’d act more like brothers than enemies.
And if rowdy old Shepherds and upper class Kings,
could lay down their pride and still bend a knee…
That would be Christmas to me.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending the gift of your son as our Shepherd and Prince of Peace.  Help us to share that gift with others so that they may know your Heavenly Peace. Amen

~ Kerri Hurley