Take It With You 10.17.2021

In Psalm 29, God’s great majesty and power is revealed in nature, praised and honored in its magnitude. Thunderstorms over the ocean and falling cedar trees and “the voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness” all paint vivid pictures, as does the surrounding text. These images of God’s Power exceed our abilities and inspire our imaginations. In today’s text, the Pharaoh’s heart remains stubbornly unimpressed with Yahweh’s power, even competes and compares using his court magicians.

Sometimes the power of God is full, loud, and dynamic, not unlike the raging storms that can interrupt our lives. Other times, God’s power is gentle and tender, like the calm after a storm. God’s power is both strength and peace, energy and stillness, glory and beauty. Adversity can drive us to God, dragging our desperation and doubt, our weakness and weariness with us. We slowly fade, until God’s voice shakes the wilderness within us. In these times, our souls are awakened to a new awareness of God’s glory and strength.

God’s most extravagant gift of love comes through His supernatural power of the resurrection of Christ, grace through infinite mercy. This transforming power brings new hope to old wounds, compassionate arms for old regrets, gentle smiles for the abused, tender hearts toward the outcasts, healing for the spiritually blind. God’s righteous power reveals our true heart, our weakness, our shortsightedness, our stubbornness, our desire to walk on the edge.

Have you been an eyewitness to God’s power? It may have been through answered prayers, spiritual or physical healings, or a Divine intervention. Perhaps you have known great peace in a difficult circumstance or full assurance in uncertain times. Maybe God has provided for your needs or opened a door of opportunity at just the right time. God’s power is miraculous and evident every day in uncounted ways. God’s power transforms lives!

Jehovah, Yahweh, The One Who Is – when life seems ordinary, open my eyes to Your extraordinary Power. When my soul wanders aimlessly along familiar paths empty and thirsty, remind me of Living Water. Especially in my rebellion let me encounter Your Glory.  Amen.

Our sacrifice of praise ~
As an eyewitness of God’s transforming power, share your God-story!

~ Donna Oswalt