Take It With You 04.03.2016

The After Easter Forgetfulness

I have suffered with migraines my entire adult life.   They come on like thunder and can ruin my plans in a flash.   After years of trying everything doctors and friends recommended, I tried a yoga class two years ago.  I was hooked!  My headaches improved dramatically, and I was convinced I had found a remedy all my friends needed.  I talked about yoga, shared yoga stories, offered free classes to friends, you name it.  I wasn’t satisfied until all the teachers on my hall had mats of their own, and we now gather in my classroom during lunch or prep periods to practice yoga postures for headaches, backaches, and fatigue.  I wanted to share the good health I’d gained from yoga with everyone I knew!

As I put away my colorful Easter decorations and pack away the plastic grass for another year, I pause to reflect:  why am I not as passionate to share the news of salvation through Jesus as I am about sharing yoga?   Am I worried people will think I am a “Jesus freak” or an overzealous churchy type?  Do I just assume everyone I encounter has made his or her own decision about faith and salvation without even sharing?  I didn’t stop telling my friends about yoga when my migraines improved…why am I not just as enthusiastic in my faith testimony?  This makes me ashamed.

During the Easter season we are all passionate and excited, changing Facebook statuses and putting flower crosses on our dining tables.   We don our frilly finest and pack into church pews to hear glorious music and moving messages.   But then we eat the Easter ham and pack away that passion.  I have news for the post-Easter crowd:  the tomb is still empty!  The incredible news that Jesus died for us and rose from the grave is just as relevant now as it was on that first Easter Sunday.  His saving grace doesn’t go out of season like spring sandals; it’s eternal.

Yoga may have helped my migraines, but Jesus saved my life.   Sure, I think you will feel better if you grab a yoga mat, but I KNOW you will be changed when I tell you about my Lord.

– Shari Finkler