Take It With You 02.28.2016v

My favorite author these days is Jen Hatmaker. She has written several

best-selling books related to Christian living, including 7,  For the Love,

and  Interrupted. If you’ve never read anything she’s written, I highly

recommend it (our library has some of her books)! She is really funny

and honest, but will also challenge you to take a long, hard look at your


We all have a favorite: Beth Moore, Max Lucado, C.S. Lewis, Francis

Chan, the list could go on and on. These people have, in some cases,

written the words that have changed our hearts, our minds, maybe

even our lives. I believe that sometimes that is how the Holy Spirit

works: we are led to read words that someone else was led to write

and it is just what we need to hear!

Here’s the catch, though: if we’re not careful, those great authors that

we love and their books that we love can begin to take the place of

actual scripture in our minds and hearts. So let’s make sure we all

get this right: no matter how great Jen Hatmaker, or Beth Moore, or

Max Lucado, or C.S. Lewis’s writings are, our salvation comes from

one place and one place alone. The words of mere mortals can only

point us to the cross, they can’t save our souls. Be careful not to

let the study of others’ words take a higher priority than the study

of God’s Holy Word. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through

others whose hearts He has touched and pens He has directed, but

remember that at the end of the day our wisdom is foolishness in light

of the Cross.

– Katie Herring