Take It With You 02.27.2022

A Prayer for Unity in The Church

Father, God,
There is so much that we allow to divide us…
Political differences
Denominational differences
Cultural differences
Different backgrounds, priorities, choices, values,
The list goes on and on and on and on…

Grant us wisdom-individually and collectively,
Locally-Snyder Memorial Baptist Church,
Globally-The Church, the global Body of Christ,
All believers,
Grant us wisdom to know, to embody, to live out our identity in You,
The most important quality that binds us to You,
And binds us together.

We know the truth from scripture that nothing separates us from Your love.
As only Your Holy Spirit can do, grant us the perspective to keep that which unites us at the forefront, and allow that which divides us to fade into the background, as so much noise and distraction.  Not that those backgrounds and priorities and choices and values are unimportant, but that they will never be as important as our unity in You.

In Jesus Name,


~ Katie Herring