Take It With You 02.21.2016

Over the last several weeks our church family has had an opportunity

to discover, confirm, and reflect on areas of their strengths. This

process of discussion and discernment, along with the earlier weeks

when we highlighted what it means to be a church member – all of

this culminates today in a Ministry Fair which will take place in lieu of

Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall from 9:30am-11am.

Our hope is that each and every member/attender of Snyder Memorial

Baptist Church will find their place and do their part. At the Ministry

Fair you will find opportunities to serve within the church and outside

of the church! Almost 50 ministries will be participating! That is


John Crenshaw is preaching this morning about sharing the gospel, the

Good News of Jesus Christ. I can think of no better way for Snyder

to be about the call to share the gospel than if all of us were using all

of our gifts, strengths, talents and every resource at our disposal to

preach, teach, serve, inspire, show, encourage, come alongside, and in

every way point people to Jesus.

There’s a place for you. And the answer is, “Here am I, Lord! Send me.”

A few other Ministry Fair details:

Infants and preschoolers will go to their Sunday School classes.

Children (1st-6th grade) will go to the Ministry Fair and have a special

treasure hunt activity.

Youth will participate as well!

I look forward to seeing you there.

– Giles