Take It With You 02.14.2016

There are two overwhelming reasons I love calling Snyder my church

home: an active children’s ministry, local outreach ministries, an

awesome praise team and the people. In my defense, I really did try

whittling it down to just two reasons.

As relatively active church members for the last ten years, my family

has grown under the care and influence of Snyder. We’ve been

married, had children, watched our children grow and experienced

the loss of a loved one. Snyder and the church as a whole has made

the best of times more memorable. And it’s made the worst of times

more bearable.

I’m not telling you these things to say, “Look how great my life is.” Such

a statement would be an all too transparent lie. It would also be a

disservice to this platform. I tell you these things because I want you

to know why this morning’s pledge is so important to me. And I pray

it’s important to you too.

Together, we are the body of Christ. Each one of us are individual

members of that body. Without going too deeply into a biology

related metaphor, each and every one of us need the other in order

to function the way God intended. The health of a church can be

measured by the sum of all its parts. And a healthy Snyder, that’s just a

beautiful thing.

– Joe Greene