Take It With You 02.07.2016

Building Strong Families

Over the holidays we visited old friends who just remodeled a 100

year-old farmhouse. All the flooring, appliances and furnishings

were restored and designed for a comfortable, family-friendly feel.

At the center of the kitchen-dining-family room was a large table,

unquestionably the heart of that family’s home. At one end of the

table, a glittery craft project lay unfinished, the dog’s leash was tossed

across one of the chairs, and the afternoon mail was stacked neatly on

the other end. The jetsam and flotsam of everyday living.

I was reminded again that the table is often the center of family life.

Sharing meals, working on homework, reading devotions, having the

uncomfortable discussions as well as the joyful ones…this is what we

do as a family. We gather, share, fellowship and then we go forth on

our own.

Today’s Scripture paints a picture of the family of believers sharing

life, often around a common table. Those early believers went to

the temple to pray and worship, then went to one another’s homes

for fellowship, much as we do today. It’s tempting to forego family

mealtime when schedules are rushed and life pulls at us from many

directions, but even with a packed calendar we can take time for our

families at the table. Frozen pizza and even Pop Tarts just taste better

when shared over laughter and stories of the day. Family time at the

table is crucial to children of all ages, and shared mealtime can be

transformational. Gather at your table to be fed, body and spirit.

We read in Acts 2:46, “They broke bread in their homes and ate

together with glad and sincere hearts.” How can we begin building

stronger families? Just pull up a chair to the table.

– Shari Finkler