Take It With You 01.16.2022

As the first century church begins to grow, the Apostles are handling the business of the church, which includes prayer, spreading the Word of God and taking care of those in need. Exponential growth brings new problems, like who is to help with the many needs of those in the community of Believers, both spiritual and physical. In Acts 6, some are appointed to help the Apostles.

Being a Christian calls each of us to live in God’s presence and to share this experience with others. Scripture defines this calling as “a holy priesthood”. Like Jesus, we are to be about God’s business, to be the ones who serve others. From feeding the homeless to packing BackPack Buddies, gathering hygiene kits to warm blankets and hats and gloves, whether with donation or distribution, through giving Christmas shoeboxes or children’s sponsorships, in writing a note or sending a text, offering the extra prayer, a smile, a touch, these gestures reach through the chaos of life. These acts of kindness meet physical needs with spiritual intention. Through serving, the soul catches a glimpse of the world through God’s eyes.

“God is working in us to reach His highest goals until His purpose and our purpose become one.”  Oswald Chambers

In the New Testament, the Greek word diakonia translates as service or ministry. As ones who serve God, the heart-intentions should be pure; the outward-offerings should be done with humility and patience and grace. All Christians, not just deacons, are to serve each other and those whose needs are known. These sacred acts become spiritual sacrifices with one purpose: to give glory to God. With each act of service we re-confess our faith in Jesus Christ, express our willingness to be His hands and feet, and share God’s love. In following God’s directive to love and serve each other in the name of Jesus, His purpose and our purpose become one. 

Holy Spirit, come alongside of me and breathe holy life into my thoughts, my purpose, my service. In You I know the presence of the Lord. Holy Wind, embrace me, encourage me, empower me. Count me alive in Christ. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.

~ Donna Oswalt