Take It With You 01.05.2020

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I love weddings!! All my favorite things in one event: fancy dresses, beautiful music, family and friends gathered, great food, and sometimes dancing! What’s not to love?

My cousin’s son recently graduated from college, and over the Christmas holiday he proposed to his long-time girlfriend.  We were all thrilled. This special young couple met while volunteering at a Young Life ranch, and their entire courtship has been so God-centered. They shared the good news publicly at our family Christmas gathering to cheers and congratulations from everyone. Because they are both starting graduate school and new jobs next year, they are planning a very small and cost-effective wedding at her home church. 

In other words, I won’t be invited to the wedding celebration.

Now before you think I’m sharing this to pout or complain, hear my heart. I love this couple. I will rejoice over their marriage even from a distance. I totally understand their reasoning and applaud their Godliness paired with financial responsibility. Ok, so maybe I am pouting a little. I really love weddings. 

I’m not invited to my cousin’s wedding, but I AM invited to the wedding celebration of the Lamb. 

The Bible describes an incredible wedding celebration unlike anything we can imagine here on Earth. The fine linen garments, the eternal love between Christ and His Bride, and the feast. Oh, the feast! While the word “hallelujah” is frequently used in hymns and Psalms, its first appearance in the New Testament is in Revelation 19 where it describes the limitless joy we will experience at this heavenly wedding. Hallelujah, indeed!

We are ALL invited to the supper of the Lamb. This profound truth completely defines us: we are the Beloved Bride of Christ.. We are included and cherished. We didn’t just wander into relationship with God; He chose us and invites us to His table forever. 

While I know there will be no invitation to my cousin’s small wedding, I await with joy the day Jesus comes and we join Him at the heavenly celebration. As the hymn declares, “What a day of rejoicing that will be!”

To Consider:

The heart of this reflection is the invitation. How invitational are we? I don’t just mean inviting newcomers or guests to church, although that’s important. How invitational are we to our families, to our friends and coworkers?  Do we show the love of Jesus in our lives in such a way that we invite people to draw near to Him?

I will be able to enjoy my cousin’s wedding via family group texts and Facebook pictures, but people who aren’t at the table with Jesus will be eternally separated from any moments of joy or happiness. There’s no replay or livestream in hell. Let’s fuel our sense of urgency in sharing the good news. Who will take a seat at God’s banquet due in part to your invitation? 

~ Shari Finkler