Take It With You 02.04.18

My friend and I went to a gospel concert before Christmas, and there were people from a local radio station handing out tiny round flashlights with their logo printed on them. You’ve seen these things: little round rubber discs that you press and a tiny light shines.  I walked past their booth, but my friend took one for me and said, “Here, clip this on your keychain.  It may come in handy some time.”

I had forgotten about that silly little flashlight until one evening recently when my son’s music lesson ran long.  He studies with a teacher who lives down a long dirt road, and when their lesson finished, we stepped onto the side porch only to discover it was completely dark outside.  The teacher apologized that his porch light was not working, and I thought for a moment that my son and I would not be able to make our way out to the car.  The teacher’s walkway is made of rough stepping stones and uneven bricks; it’s a difficult path to navigate even in broad daylight.

Then I remembered the keychain flashlight and my friend’s remark.  I pressed the blue disc and was delighted that I could now see down the path to our car.  That tiny light completely illuminated our way as we made our way out, instruments and notebooks in hand. As I neared the driver’s side door, I released the light and the entire yard was engulfed in darkness again.  Who could have imagined the difference that tiny light would make?

Jesus taught us to let our lights shine.  When I consider the evil and chaos in the world, I am tempted to sigh and throw my hands in the air. How can I make a difference in the midst of so much disorder and despair?  What can I do? What can the church do?

We can shine.  We can smile at strangers and be kind to others.  We can freely give grace and love; we can point others to Christ by the way we live our lives.  We can be so radically shining in the redeeming love of Jesus that the world is stunned as the darkness scatters.

I am finishing this writing on the night of the incredible full moon. Driving to choir practice tonight I witnessed a moon so spectacular I pulled off the road and called my mother to make sure she saw it. Tonight’s super moon lit the entire night sky with a golden glow, yet it has no power of light on its own.  The moon merely reflects the light of the sun, and it fills the night sky with brilliance.

May we reflect the light of the Son and do the same.

“The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it.” –John 1: 5

– Shari Finkler