About Our Preschool Ministry

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” – Mark 10:13

The Nursery and Preschool Ministry at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church is an important part of our church. From the earliest age, our heart is to provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn about God’s Love.

At Snyder Baptist Memorial Church, our desire is to guide children to be like Jesus in all areas of their life. We strive to provide a loving atmosphere while teaching Biblical Principles so children may learn to know Jesus personally and develop a lifelong relationship with Him. We focus on children being equipped with Biblical Knowledge, Christian Values, and applying Biblical Truth.

In our Nursery and Preschool Ministry, little ones are valued, loved, and nurtured in their faith.

We have a sincere heart for our children and their families. Offering a quality Nursery and Preschool ministry allows parents to attend services uninterrupted, while children receive age appropriate teaching and care.

We invite you to join Snyder Memorial Baptist Church Children’s Ministry!

First Time Guests

As a new guest of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, you may wonder where your children attend service on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. We try to make it easy for you by having directional parking signs in the parking lot that direct you to the Child Care Center.

Once inside our Child Care Center hallway, you will be greeted by a friendly team of people ready to help. Our Host Team will guide you through the Child Registration process and then personally escort you to your child’s classroom. Our Host Team will also be happy to answer any questions you have about our Children’s Ministry. We even have maps of the building available so you can easily navigate the hallways to find your child’s classroom at the end of the service.

Special Needs

Every child is important to us and meeting individual needs is at the top of the list! Our Children’s Ministry offers accommodating options for children with special needs.

For more information, please ask anyone on our Host Team or contact Karen McAmis, our Director of Children and Family Ministry at (910) 484-3191 or karenm@snydermbc.com.

Click here for the Preschool Brochure

Bed Babies to Kindergarten | Sundays & Wednesdays

Sunday School Classes

Classroom Assignments
Bed Babies C1086
Creepers C1089
Toddlers  C1088
2 Year Olds C1084
3 Year Olds C1083
4 Year Olds C1081
Kindergarten C1079

Sunday Worship Service Care
8:15am-9:45am & 10:45am-12pm

Care is provided in a secure, age-appropriate room for Bed Babies to Kindergartners during the 8:40 am and 11 am worship services.

Classroom Assignments
Infants Room C1089
Infant Crawlers Room C1089
Toddlers Room C1088
2 Year Olds Room C1086
3 Year Olds Room C1081
4 Year Olds Room C1079
Kindergarteners Room C1074

Preschool Choir
Wednesdays the months of September-April | 6:00pm-6:35pm

Classroom Assignments
3 Year Olds  C1081
4 Year Olds C1079
Kindergarteners & 1st Grade C1076

Mission Friends
Wednesdays the months of September-April | 6:40pm – 7:15pm

Preschoolers ages three to Kindergartner discover the importance of missions throughout the world. They learn about different cultures and about missionaries who teach others about Jesus. Projects throughout the year teach the meaning of giving to others.

Classroom Assignments
Bed Babies C1086
1 Year Olds  C1084
Toddlers to 2 Year Olds  C1088
3 Year Olds C1083
4 Year Olds C1074
Kindergarteners  C1077