Pictures from Big Pine Key, Friday

We’ll start with the “TREE.”  This is our ‘walking ficus’ before Irma.


The guys describe this as playing pick-up sticks with chainsaws. It’s such an intertwined network that you have to be incredibly carefully with the cutting to make sure you’re ‘unloading’ the pile in the correct order without creating a major problem.

On Friday, we returned to tackle the ficus tree again. After command level consideration, we determined that this task was bigger than us. We had to admit that we weren’t equipped to take it all down. There was a lot of disappointed testosterone in our van.


We went to Deb and Pete Sova’s home yesterday. Pete had something in his background that had soured him to ‘church’ but in the midst of our activity with tears in his eyes he told me ‘you people are real Christians.’ In this picture he was saying, I just don’t know how to thank you.

Our homeowner Pete has COPD and can’t go in the house because of the mold. We did our best to remove everything that had gotten wet from rain blowing in the roof vents.

All out!


You might not notice but the concrete footings are in the foreground, left. This house was washed off the foundation.


The sweetest bag of clean laundry I’ve ever received