Pastor’s Perspective 3-20-20

It is amazing how much a virus that originated halfway around the world in a city I had never heard of before has so profoundly paralyzed our entire country so quickly. Not only health-wise, but mentally, economically, socially and personally. The situation is fluid, and the end is nowhere in sight. No one knows how all of this will play out.

Your staff has been working diligently to determine the best way to move forward. We briefed the deacons on our plan Sunday evening and I want you to know what I know as of now. Sunday morning worship is a priority. Although we cannot assemble together for now, we will broadcast one service live from the fellowship hall at 11:00 simultaneously on livestream and over the radio. We will continue to conduct funerals as needed. Our learning center remains open with increased health precautions in place.

We are postponing Youth Sunday (22nd) and Children’s Sunday (29th) and hope to reschedule both before the end of the school year if possible. If not, we may try to do a modified Youth Sunday that can be broadcast in the same way we will be doing our Sunday morning worship service. We are suspending all Wednesday evening activities until further notice, at least through the current public school closure. Smaller groups of musicians and worship leaders will continue to meet to prepare for Sunday services. Sunday School and youth choir are suspended until further notice. Youth life groups are relatively small and plan to meet for the next few weeks. Operation Inasmuch is still on, though some activities will be modified. We see this as an excellent opportunity to minister to our community during this crisis. BSF and our Thursday morning women’s Bible study are switching to online. Other smaller ministries are suspending or postponing activities for now.

It is important to remember in all this change and uncertainty that God is still on His throne, that He still loves us, and that He is always faithful to fulfill His promises to His people. Especially in difficult times. He knows every last detail about how this current crisis will play out. There is no one more worthy of our trust than He. Let’s stay as connected as we can, praying for and taking care of one another. 

Even if I cannot see you Sunday, I have you in my heart. ~ John