Pastor’s Perspective 12-17-19

Christmas break or winter break? Christmas tree or holiday tree? Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! These are the questions of the season in today’s culture.

I haven’t been to an elementary school “Christmas” program in decades and was excited about watching my 6-year-old grandson participate in his last week. The Holly Jolly Pirates of Pinataville. Billed as this year’s most exciting holiday musical, the story takes place in the sweet little town of Pinataville where making piñatas is a happy way of life. The townspeople are horrified to find out that a band of pirates had snuck into town during the night and plundered the piñatas they had made for the holidays. They set a trap to catch the unknown culprits by using the few remaining piñatas as bait. Instead of filling them with candy, they fill them with hot peppers. The pirates take the bait. Rendered temporarily helpless by the peppers, they are easily captured by the townspeople who quickly and compassionately give them cool water to drink. The penitent pirates apologize for their behavior and the people decide to let it all go if the pirates agree to help them make more piñatas for the upcoming holidays. The pirates readily agree and everything is sweet again in Pinataville.

It was a cute story and all the children involved seemed to enjoy their roles. My grandson loved dressing up as a pirate and was so happy to see us in the audience. He waved every time they stood his class up to sing another song! That made the whole experience for me. I must admit I walked away from the event a bit empty and sad that there was no mention of Christmas at all and reminded myself this is where we are today. I don’t fault my grandson’s school. They are in a no-win situation in today’s culture. I just know all of his fellow students and their parents and siblings need to know the real reason for the “holiday.” That Christmas is about Christ. That pirates aren’t the only sinners and that our forgiveness of others is not enough to make everything right. We all need a Savior. And we have one in Jesus!

That is the beauty of Christmas! That is cause for celebration! How will others know unless we put Christ at the center of our Christmas? It is not the public school’s responsibility to share the reason for the season. It’s ours. We need to be intentional about doing so.

See you Sunday! ~ John