Pastor’s Perspective 12-11-18

Christmas is the season we celebrate God’s indescribable gift to us in the birth of our Savior. I want to share even more reasons we can celebrate this year.

Last week we sent a check to Missions of Hope International in Kenya for $40K. That completes our $200K commitment to finish building the permanent school in Bondeni to replace the temporary school that was destroyed by fire last February. It appears that Hung Kee Paing has found a suitable tract of land in Yangon, Myanmar to purchase for Grace Christian Ministry. You may recall me talking about the threat his family, the orphans and the church live under of eviction from their rental properties because of their joyful worship in a Buddhist neighborhood. This particular property already has a habitable building on it for immediate occupancy. He is going through legal channels to secure the property and we are preparing to help him purchase the land. Both of these investments have been possible because of your generosity to our 2020 Vision Fund this year. We had a church member make a very substantial donation toward our debt retirement last week. Another top priority of our 2020 Vision.

Someone asked how we distributed the money we collected from this year’s Singing Christmas Tree. The two local foodbanks we have supported for years with canned goods – Fayetteville Urban Ministries and Operation Blessing – each received $2500. We gave another $1310 to His Bread of Life, a newer partner we support. That left $15K for our three international mission partners.

You will receive a letter this week that I am mailing to all church members. It may be the only letter I’ve written to the church in my 9 ½ years here. The letter explains some recent changes in our giving plans and encourages everyone to choose a plan. The letter also includes a commitment card. I want to encourage and challenge every church member to be intentional about your giving to the Lord through the local church. Make a commitment. Follow through. Watch the Lord bless you and fulfill His promise to meet all your needs. We’ll never be able to repay Him for all He has given us. But we can honor and obey Him by giving generously to His work in the world. Our potential – together – is unlimited!

See you Sunday! ~ John