Pastor’s Perspective 12-10-19

Pastor’s Perspective
My heart is full with the blessing received from the gift Snyder presented to the Lord, it’s members and our community this past weekend. “Give Him my heart”……that’s the gift most important for each of us to give this Christmas. With that gift, oh, the gifts we receive in return by His grace – mercy, peace, love and joy. We possess a hope that is certain of His presence with us today and for eternity.
Many of you gave your time, gifts, prayers and energy over these past months to make the Singing Christmas become a reality this past weekend. Most of you find it in your heart to serve EVERY year. So many of you work to erect and decorate the tree and go unseen. Some of you greet and usher. Others like our great custodial and kitchen staff, work hard to care for our guests and feed the “gift givers” involved in the presentation. Thank you all! My heart warms to the thought of your sacrifice and gift of love.
One person in particular began pondering our 2019 Singing Christmas Tree while putting the finishing touches on the 2018 “Tree”. Preparing for each “Tree” requires attention every month of the calendar year. Richard Suggs, thank you for the enormous amount of time you put into seeking God’s direction for a yearly theme, choosing music, preparing to lead choirs, directing an accomplished orchestra and putting together all the moving pieces to share Christ and the joy of Christmas with so many. Also, knowing how much we love the Hallelujah Chorus – you had the courage to know we needed to end differently this year. You were right. That being said…..we look forward to standing and singing, along with you, “Hallelujah” as we celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection at Easter!
Snyder, you fill my heart with joy. I’m so thankful, blessed and proud to serve and be part of a church that comes together with a unity of heart and purpose to share Christ and the true joy of Christmas each year.
Joy To The World – He’s Come!