Pastor’s Perspective 12-04-18

The 40th annual Singing Christmas Tree was a huge success! A genuine team effort. Exactly the way God designed the church to work. Several people told me how much they felt God’s presence this year. We all did. I have said before, one of the greatest blessings of the Tree each year is the way it pulls the whole church together. It takes a lot of people of diverse ages, talents and interests. Several folks from other fairly large churches have told me over the years that their church could not pull off what we do here every year. It really is quite remarkable and fills my heart with pride and joy.

The children’s choir was at its absolute best. Both of their songs warmed my heart and made me smile. After they finished their second song on the last evening, I watched Susan mouth to them “I love you.” A sweet visual from this year’s Tree. The breadth of talent we have “in house” is astounding. We introduced “Christ is Born” in last year’s Tree. Not an easy song to sing and not often attempted outside professional circles. Giles, Andrew, Mark and Landon were phenomenal again this year, as was the orchestra and choir. And who would have thought a cellist would have the ability to sing like Leigh? Her vocals on “Children, Go Where I Send Thee,” supported by the youth choir and the 8:40 worship team, brought the house down every performance. A highlight of this year’s Tree for me.

As you might imagine, the technical support required to pull off something of this magnitude is extensive. Our team of volunteers, led by our new director of technology, did a phenomenal job. They are some of the many unsung heroes of the Tree each year. As are the ushers and greeters, the volunteers who work with our youth and children, our security team, and a host of others who work diligently behind the scenes doing what has to be done.

If it sounds like I am proud and excited, I am! When Richard asked Bob Haynes to lead the Hallelujah Chorus the last night, he thanked him for “all of this.” No one could have imagined 40 years ago all the Tree has become at Snyder. Except God. His Son is the One who has brought us all together at this point in history to be who we are and to do what we do for Him. By the way, we collected $21, 310.05 in donations to feed the hungry in our community and to support our mission partners in Haiti, Kenya and Myanmar. To God Be the Glory!

See you Sunday! ~ John