Pastor’s Perspective 12-03-19

This is the single busiest week of the year here at Snyder. The time, energy and resources we put into the Singing Christmas Tree each year is staggering. With so many moving parts, the Tree requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. None of this would be possible without some key people. Leaders – at all levels – starting at the top. Someone has to have the vision for each year’s Tree months in advance. And the expertise to translate that vision into a final product. Richard is knee-deep in putting the Tree together during the summer months when temperatures are in the 100s and many of us are on vacation at the beach or in the mountains.
Equally important are the ton of volunteers. The SCT would never happen without hundreds of volunteers committing hours of their time and their talents. Singers, ringers, musicians, tech people, ushers and greeters, ticket collectors, workers with youth and children, and countless others finding their place and doing their part. It is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ in action. The highlight of the Tree for me as pastor each year is watching our church – people of all ages – pull together to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community.
As excited as I am to witness this year’s SCT, I am conscious of at least a couple of groups that can easily get lost in the excitement of the season. Those for whom this time of year or this season in their lives is not a cause for much celebration. People facing significant health issues or have loved ones who are. Others dealing with the loss of loved ones for whom this holiday will be lonelier. Many all around us who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus and are missing out on all He has to offer. We need to be sensitive to those who might be struggling to experience the hope, peace, joy and love that are staples of our celebration.
The other event that gets overshadowed is our deacon selection. Right in the middle of Advent, it tends to get so little attention beyond the collection of ballots. The biblical role of deacons is significant, especially for a church our size. Deacons serve alongside the ministers to meet the many needs of the congregation. We must prayerfully select men and women of God who possess spiritual maturity and a servant’s heart.
This is a season of celebration. And we, of all people, have much to celebrate. See you Sunday! ~ John