Pastor’s Perspective 11-24-2020

Last Sunday I announced our decision to have only one service this coming Sunday at 11:00 and that service will be online only. COVID cases are on the rise here in Cumberland County. Though I know many are changing their plans for Thanksgiving this year because of health concerns, many others will be getting together with family and friends to celebrate this special holiday. For that reason, we consider this weekend to be a higher risk for the potential spread of the virus. To mitigate that risk, we are going virtual for one Sunday and asking our church family to join us for worship online or on the radio.

Several folks have already expressed their appreciation for this precautionary move. Others have reminded me that the risk from Thanksgiving gatherings will extend beyond this weekend because of the incubation period of this virus. They raise a good point. We all need to continue to exercise caution as we gather with our family and friends. Anyone who thinks they might have been exposed or doesn’t feel well needs to stay home from church. We have done so well so far and I attribute that to our collective precautions and God’s gracious protection. We will continue to monitor developments and make the best decisions we can moving forward.

This year’s Singing Christmas Tree is a monumental undertaking. Because everything is being done differently this year, the planning and the technical component have been especially difficult. My hat is off to Richard Suggs and to our entire technical team. Prerecording so many different groups and pieces separately has been extremely time-consuming. There are still a number of rehearsals and recordings to be done. We are continuing to do everything as safely as possible. One option we discussed months ago was to not do a Tree this year. Richard has been committed to keeping the tradition alive. He has had a lot of help. Thank you to every one of you who has had a part in this year’s SCT.

These are not easy days to do church. But be the church we must. People are looking for hope. We know where our hope is found. In the Christ of Christmas. Let us not grow weary in proclaiming the Christmas message of hope, peace, joy and love. It’s what our world desperately needs. It’s what we need. It’s what God has given us in His Son. See you Sunday! ~ John