Pastor’s Perspective 11-20-19

The initial ticket distribution for this year’s Singing Christmas Tree has come & gone. People who did not get tickets can still go to www.snydermbc.com and put their name on the waiting list. We know from past experience that some folks will return tickets and those on the waiting list will be notified immediately. Along those lines, I want to strongly encourage everyone who has tickets they know they won’t use to contact itickets  (1-800-965-9324) ASAP so others who want to see this year’s SCT can do so. Every year we have too many unused tickets while others – hundreds of people – who would love to have one are unable to see the Tree. It doesn’t do any good to turn in unused tickets at the door the day of the performance. Please, please, please turn any tickets you aren’t going to use back in as soon as you can.

We had a lengthy conversation at our deacons meeting Sunday evening about using the tickets we do have to bring unchurched or unsaved people to the SCT. Particularly this year with its clearly evangelical theme:  I’ll Give Him My Heart. Back in January, I challenged our church to embrace three priorities in 2019. To read through the Bible. To heed the Bible’s teaching on giving. And to lead someone to Christ. This year’s SCT is a golden opportunity to bring someone to Jesus. To be an Andrew as Richard challenged the choir. Andrew is depicted in the gospels as “the bringer.” I shared the fact that I was so proud of my church as a young chaplain stationed at Fort Bragg 30 years ago that Gaye and I invited my battalion’s three field-grade officers and their wives to the SCT each year. We brought them back to our house for dessert afterward. It didn’t matter to us what their faith background was or wasn’t. We just wanted them to experience the Tree with us. And they all came. Every year.

I look forward  each year to experiencing the SCT and I know our church members and many others from our community and beyond do too. But I want to encourage all of us to be intentional this year about bringing someone to the Tree who really needs to experience Jesus. Maybe someone who needs a boost in their faith. Or someone who needs to make a profession of faith. Let’s not waste this opportunity to share Jesus and His love with people God has placed in our circles of influence. Who comes to your mind as you read these words?

This Sunday is the final sermon in our journey through the Bible in 2019. ~ John