Pastor’s Perspective 11-20-18

Of all of Jesus’ parables, the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 has been my favorite for many years. It reminds me that everything I have in this life is not mine. It has been given to me by a gracious God who expects me to be a faithful steward of all He has entrusted to me. The same God who bought me with the precious blood of His Son, Jesus. I owe Him everything. My life. My talents. My treasure. I find real purpose and a tremendous sense of fulfillment in serving a God who loves me, who has a plan for my life and a future in store for me. The parable tells me it doesn’t matter how many or what talents I have. I just have to be faithful with the ones He has given me. That I will one day see Jesus face-to-face excites me. While some may resent – or even ignore – our accountability to Him as our Judge, I am living for the day when I hope to hear from His lips, “Well done, John, you have been a good & faithful servant.”

I thought about this parable as Joy Cogswell was announcing her retirement to the congregation on Sunday morning. 45 years serving the Lord as our pianist… and all that entails at a church that is known for its music. Adult, youth, and multiple children’s choirs. Performances and rehearsals. With this year’s Singing Christmas Tree, Joy will have played for all 40! When you consider all of the rehearsals involved, that is an incredible feat! Every June, she serenades the graduating high school class with a melody of songs they have sung during their years in youth choir. I told her last week she’ll never know this side of heaven the countless people she has blessed over the years. She does know I’m one of them.

Joy is the epitome of a good and faithful servant. But there are two more qualities that I have always appreciated in her. One is her genuine humility. She does what she does so well without any fanfare. She does not like to be in the limelight. It warms my heart to see someone so gifted also so humble. The second quality is her spirit. Snyder has always been a warm church where God’s “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” is evident. It is because of the people who worship and serve here. People like Joy Cogswell. I am thankful this Thanksgiving for my friend and colleague’s faithful ministry among us and for all of you who make Snyder such a wonderful church family.

See you Sunday! ~ John