Pastor’s Perspective 11-12-19

           There are a lot of things I enjoy talking about with my grandchildren. Death is not at the top of that list. I know it is something we all deal with at some point and we need to help our children process their thoughts when those times come. But I was not expecting the subject to come up this past weekend. Twice in the same day. Sitting at the table with two of my grandsons, Caleb (age 4) asked me out of the blue, “When are we going to die?” My immediate answer was only God knows that and He doesn’t want us to worry about it. I reassured him that when we love God and trust Jesus, we will go to heaven when we do die. That was the end of the conversation. In hindsight, I should have asked him why he was asking the question.

That same evening during our prayer time before bed, his 5-year-old brother was praying. As he normally does, he was thanking God for a number of things. He specifically mentioned – for the first time – our new body when we get to heaven. He stops praying for a second and wants to confirm with me that we get a new body. “Right, Pops?” I’m sure I probably talked to him at some point about this. And probably only once. But Carson doesn’t forget anything he hears. I confirmed that he was correct. We talked a little more about how wonderful heaven is. That led to more questions. Where is heaven? Do bad people go to heaven? What is the name of the place where people go if they don’t go to heaven? Where is that place? Is Ila in heaven? Finally, I knew where their questions were coming from! A 5-year-old girl who lived in their neighborhood died of brain cancer back in May. Six months later, they are still processing death in their four and five year old minds.

We were able to talk about why Jesus came. Why He died on the cross. And that because God raised Him from the dead, he will raise us, too. And give us new bodies like Jesus’ body. We are three weeks out from this year’s Singing Christmas Tree. Another opportunity to celebrate God’s love for us through the coming of our Savior into this world. It helps us put our experiences with death in proper perspective. And enables us to help our children process their experiences with death and live without fear.

See you Sunday! ~ John