Pastor’s Perspective 10-30-18

5-28-62-65 and 70. Those were the winning numbers in last week’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot. The second largest lottery prize in history. $1.537 billion! Someone bought the winning ticket at a KC Mart in Simpsonville, SC. The odds of winning were one in 302.5 million. Slim enough for most to realize there is no need to even try. It’s a waste of money. But then again, the lure of winning that kind of cash had countless people throwing money away just to play. That’s how the pot gets so big. Hard-working folks spending their hard-earned money with virtually no chance at all to win.

25-41-11-8-10 and 5. Those are the percentages of the major sections of our church’s 2019 Ministry Resource Plan. A healthy, if not ambitious, $3.849 million “budget.” There are very few churches that give 25% or more of their income to missions. Yet, that has been a long-standing priority here at Snyder. 25 cents of every dollar given goes outside the four walls of this church to make a difference in our community and in our world for Christ. We can and should be proud of that fact. Most churches our size spend 45-55% of their budget on personnel costs. We have a great staff, ministerial and non-ministerial. Our church is spending just over 41% to support them and their families. A church as large as Snyder has substantial operating costs to cover utilities, IT, postage, food service, supplies and admin costs. We do it all for 11%. We have exceptional ministries for people of all ages. Our music, youth and children’s ministries are well known throughout our community and beyond. More important, they are impacting children and adults for Christ for less than 8% of our MRP. Equipment and maintenance expenses to keep our buildings, vehicles, and technical equipment insured, serviced and maintained costs another 10%. Rental properties and debt retirement adds another 5%. Most of that to retire our debt which is a top priority in our 2020 Vision.

Every single penny anyone gives to this church goes toward building God’s kingdom here on earth and making disciples. The odds are 100% that your giving will make a difference for Christ. Hands down a better investment than playing the lottery. Our jackpot is in heaven anyway.

See you Sunday! ~ John