Pastor’s Perspective 10-20-2020

I have had opportunity to meet many of you but in case we have not talked yet, my name is Jon Nahlen. However, if that’s confusing, I also answer to Jon the younger, Jon the bearded one, big Jon, PJ, Pastor Alex (I don’t know either), or Second Jon. As we continue to get the name thing figured out, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your generosity over my first two months. Thank you to everyone who came out this past Sunday for our parade and took a minute to welcome us to Fayetteville. I am excited to officially live here in Fayetteville and very excited to finally have my family with me! Kaylin, and our kids Athena, McKenzie and Wyatt are also excited to be here at Snyder. You will certainly see my kids running around in the coming weeks!

I have also enjoyed getting to know our youth. They are a great group of students who are unbelievably talented! I am thankful for Snyder’s commitment to their students and my wife and I plan to be a part of that ongoing commitment. My hope and prayer is to help build these students up and give them a solid foundation to be the men and women God has called them to be through school and beyond.

As I think about the students growing up into the men and women God has called to them to be, it is easy to see a connection between them and Pastor John’s current series. The series, “Ordinary people in the hands of an extraordinary God” should be exciting to our students. They should be excited, as they think about the rest of their lives and the places they would like to go. I hope they truly understand how we have an extraordinary God who wants to use us. We have the opportunity to be used by an extraordinary God for extraordinary tasks. I know in my own life God has used me in ways I never would have imagined or expected. God has used me beyond my abilities and was gracious enough to take me along for the ride!

This week Pastor John is talking about an extraordinary peacemaker. 1 Samuel 25:23-35 recounts an event of God’s intervening through Abigail into the life of David. David certainly was not perfect but almost committed an irreconcilable blunder. This event goes under the radar and is not preached on often. I pray this will serve as a reminder that in the hands of God anybody is capable of speaking wisdom into the life of anyone, even a king.

See y’all Sunday!  Second Jon