Pastor’s Perspective 10-09-18

I found myself thinking about the future as I drove to work this morning. The future of our country. And the future of our church. The headline on today’s local paper highlighted the Supreme Court’s shift to the right with the Senate’s confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh over the weekend. Some are jubilant about this news. Others are genuinely distressed. The process was ugly and highly divisive. Not a proud moment for a body as distinguished as the United States Senate. Some have rightly pointed out how the way all of this unfolded might negatively affect the image of the Supreme Court itself moving forward. This goes beyond future decisions to the credibility and trust the Court demands and needs from all of us. The increasing polarization of our country, the lack of civility in our discourse, and the outright hostility expressed by some in public venues is alarming. I have genuine concerns for the future of our country.

Some of the funerals I have done recently remind me that we are witnessing the passing of an era. With only a handful of charter members of this church still living, the generation that stepped out in faith to start this church and invested so much in its growth and vitality over the years is passing from the scene. As the culture in America continues to change rapidly, so does the church in America. Each successive generation is less churched than the previous one. There is less confidence in, and commitment to, institutions in general – including the church – in today’s culture. Though still vibrant in many ways, Snyder is not immune to these changes. Last week, our budget planning committee proposed a good $3.85M ministry resource plan for 2019 while acknowledging the fact that we are over $450K behind budget for this year to date. It is not for a lack of resources, but a lack of commitment by some to invest them in the Lord’s work through the local church. I have some concerns about the future of our church.

With all of this said, I am not dissuaded. We live in the greatest country in the world – despite its current challenges. And there is not another church anywhere that I love more than Snyder. I am committed to doing my part as a citizen of this great country and as the pastor of this amazing church to help them both reach their full potential to the best of my ability. It is our collective biblical responsibility.

See you Sunday! ~ John