Pastor’s Perspective 10-08-19

I don’t know that I have ever been more tired and more energized at the same time in my entire life. Last week was absolutely amazing!
The Decision America Tour at Festival Park on October 1st resulted in many decisions for Christ. Not only in our community, but in our church. In addition to those who made rededications, we had several individuals who made professions of faith. A neighbor of a church member. A man who has been visiting our church for weeks who heard about the event through our church. I was able to meet him face-to-face on Sunday to confirm his decision. He wants to be discipled in his new relationship with Jesus! We’re going to do that for him and all the others who made similar decisions. In addition to the 9200 in attendance at Festival Park, we had over 300 watch the event on Live Stream in our fellowship hall. Several people made decisions for Christ there, too. Even if only one person had, all of our efforts would have been worth it.
Everything associated with our 70th anniversary celebration was absolutely wonderful! The love and laughter, worship and tears that we all experienced together made the celebration something I will treasure in my heart forever. I loved watching so many people come from near and far to celebrate Snyder’s birthday and to experience – again – the sweet, sweet Spirit that has always been part of our DNA. So many people were eager to share their memories of this church with me and with one another. And we all have new memories from this weekend.
The song Giles wrote for the occasion was amazing! So was the 70th anniversary choir which was a beautiful blend of members from both services. The update on the progress our three mission partners are making because of our partnership was very encouraging. Our church debt, which was still hundreds of thousands of dollars only weeks ago, is retired! But the most emotional moment for me in both services was watching our church family holding uplifted hands as we sang, “Sweet, Sweet Spirit.” Multiple individuals shared with me how much they felt God’s Spirit Sunday. Several first-time visitors were overwhelmed with their worship experience here and have already expressed their desire to join. This weekend was another picture of Snyder at its best. If I haven’t told you lately, I love this church and all of you!
See you Sunday! ~ John