Pastor’s Perspective 09-15-2020

Back in the late 1980s, British artist Ben Maile painted a limited edition print for a new West Point art series entitled, “The Long Gray Line.” It is a depiction of West Point graduates through the generations marching in a parade. It has since become one of the most sought after military prints ever published. When it first came out, I could have bought a signed copy (unframed) for $95. I desperately wanted to. But I was a seminary student at the time with three very young children pastoring a small country church in Kentucky and simply couldn’t afford that “luxury.” Today the framed print sells for $5000 or more. I’ve kicked myself countless times over the years for missing my window of opportunity to buy that print.

We are about to enter a critical window of opportunity for our church related to our 2020 Vision. Most of you have heard by now that we aren’t going to be able to put on a new Singing Christmas Tree this year. For the first time since it started back in 1979. We are, however, committed to doing something special that will involve elements of a SCT, but will look very different. In addition, we are planning a special celebration during Advent called Christmas at Snyder. All of our services during Advent will be in the sanctuary. As we do every year to support the SCT, we will tear down all of the tech equipment in the fellowship hall and move it to beef up our production capability in the sanctuary.

The difference this year is that we will have a window of opportunity to set up a designated control room in between the fellowship hall and sanctuary – permanently. This will enable us to broadcast all of our worship services from one central location at the start of 2021. Multiple new cameras in the sanctuary will supplement the cameras we use for the early service in the fellowship hall so that the quality of the services we livestream from both locations will be consistent with the excellence that is a hallmark of our church. This is the top priority of our 2020 Vision. Something we must accomplish to continue to reach our expanded audience in these days of COVID and beyond. The only question is when. We need your financial support before the end of the year to take advantage of this window of opportunity. I thank you in advance for your generosity and support. ~ John