Pastor’s Perspective 09-11-18

Sunday was another reminder of the responsibility that comes with leadership. Leaders don’t get to pick the challenges they must deal with on their watch. And good leaders don’t avoid dealing with the most challenging issues. I want to thank you for hearing my heart and for the words of affirmation many of you have shared. For those who could not attend the joint Sunday School, you can get an audio copy (CD) of what I shared through the Church Office.

I want to make sure everyone gets the word that we have new giving plans effective 1 OCT 2018. These plans enable individuals to designate where they want the cooperative missions portion of their giving to go. In accordance with our ministry resource plan, ten cents of every dollar a person gives goes toward a single line item: “State, Home & World.” About $334,000 this year. Currently, this money goes to support missions work here in North Carolina, in the United States, and around the world in cooperation with other churches through the Baptist State Convention of NC and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC at the state level, and through the Southern Baptist Convention and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship at the national level. In light of recent changes at the national level and the addition of our 2020 Vision here locally, we are changing how that money will be distributed in the future.

To enable folks to support our three major mission partnerships that are part of our 2020 Vision, we have added a new giving plan – Plan C. Money designated to this plan will be divided equally between Missions of Hope International in Kenya, Haiti Outreach Ministries, and Grace Christian Mission in Myanmar. 100% of the money designated to Plan A will go to the Baptist State Convention of NC. BSCNC forwards 41.5% of everything it receives to the Southern Baptist Convention. 100% of the money given to Plan B will go to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC. CBFNC will forward 20% to CBF, all of it designated to support Global Missions. Plan D allows individuals to equally divide their giving between Plans A, B & C.

We want everyone to choose a giving plan. Milton Hollifield, Executive Director of BSCNC, will be here this Wednesday (12th) to share the great things BSCNC is doing with the money they receive from churches. Larry Hovis, Executive Coordinator of CBFNC, will be here on the19th to do the same thing for CBFNC. I strongly encourage you to be here both evenings to learn how our missions partners are investing our resources for God’s kingdom.

See you Sunday! ~ John