Pastor’s Perspective 09-03-19

We are one month out from celebrating our 70th anniversary as a church. I want to encourage you to make plans to attend the banquet Saturday evening, the 5th of October, and the worship service on Sunday, the 6th. There is a special luncheon Sunday afternoon for folks who have been members for 50 years or more and all current and former ministers who have served on the staff. We still have a handful of charter members with us and we will give them special recognition. The anniversary planning committee has commissioned Giles to compose an original song for the occasion. It is going to be a great weekend!

I told the committee I wanted the focus of the weekend to be twofold. First, we need to celebrate our rich history and the many ways God has blessed and used this church since its earliest days. We have so many reasons to celebrate. But it is also very important for us to look into the future and posture our church to continue to be all God wants us to be. We didn’t get where we are today without the intentional vision of those who have preceded us to establish and grow “the church on the hill.” And we will not get where we need to be without the same intentional visioning. We owe it to the future generations of Snyder.

That is the purpose of our 2020 Vision. That committee has been working diligently to determine what we need to be doing now to set our church up for continued success. One goal is to pay off our church debt which was a little over one million dollars ten years ago. Even after acquiring several additional properties since then, we have paid down our debt substantially in recent years. It currently stands at less than $200K. The first target our 2020 Vision committee established was to pay that debt off by our anniversary. We can do it if we all do our part. I am asking every member who has not yet made a contribution to the debt retirement to do so in the next 30 days so we can celebrate that weekend that we are debt free! Accomplishing this goal will free up about $150K a year toward other 2020 Vision priorities.

A lot has changed since Dr. Joel Snyder and First Baptist Church had a vision to plant what we all know as Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. Some things haven’t changed at all. The sweet, sweet Spirit we all enjoy here and the emphasis Snyder has always had on making a difference in our community and world for Christ. I am ready to celebrate! And I am excited about our future… and about shaping it together!

See you Sunday! ~ John