Pastor’s Perspective 08-27-19

Our Sunday School class has been studying I Peter the last month or so. As we continue to “READ” through the Bible in 2019, this book will be your reading assignment. Let me make your day…. it’s only 5 chapters! You’ll find Peter’s words to be challenging as he implores us to live holy lives. He further instructs us to submit to government authorities (rulers), to masters (employers) and then addresses wives and husbands. As I read over Peter’s instructions to wives, over and over again I thought about the wives and widows in our congregation. Through the first nine months of 2019, we’ve said “see you later” to many loved ones in our congregation. As I attended or shared a part in most of these Celebration of Life services, my heart was overwhelmed as family shared stories of the love witnessed between husbands and wives. Each couple’s love was deep and stood the test of time. Wedding photos often adorn a table in the Gathering Hall during the time for visitation prior to the service. The brides look so beautiful alongside their handsome husbands. However, isn’t it true the mirror won’t let us forget we become a year older with each passing anniversary?
Peter instructed wives to submit to their husbands in an effort to win them over to Christ. He noted it wasn’t their outer beauty that would make that happen. Instead, he talked to them about focusing on their “inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” Of course it’s not wrong for a woman to desire to look nice. But, God longs for the beauty to shine forth from the inside out. Today, many of our Snyder wives look a little different than those wedding photos. Still, that beauty is there. That beauty, your beauty, is deeper than a photo can ever capture. As we all age, our beauty/handsomeness will fade; but, our inner beauty shines forth because Christ shines through us in how we live, love and serve one another. It’s that beauty that shines forth from us that draws others to Christ. This includes loved ones, acquaintances and even strangers. This beauty isn’t unique to wives. Whether you are a man, woman, married, single, divorced, a child or teenager, your inner beauty is valued by God far more than your outer beauty. This week, I simply want to say to each of you (especially our ladies), “Thank you for your inner beauty that shines forth.” You are beautiful!
See You Sunday, Bruce