Pastor’s Perspective 07-30-19

I experienced something Sunday I had never experienced before. Watching my parents walk down the aisle during the invitation to join the church I am serving as pastor. They have heard me preach before. Many times. They have been among my biggest supporters throughout my decades in ministry. They have always been extremely active in serving the Lord in and through the local church. We’ve just served in different churches. Until Sunday.

I have to admit, it was an emotional moment for me. After all, I’ve known them a very long time. As I have shared with the congregation before, my earliest childhood memory is family devotions. Every night. Their intentionality in bringing me and my sisters up – not only in the church, but in Christ – has had a profound impact on the man I am today. Throughout my life, I have watched my parents live out their faith. On Sundays and during the week. Their faithfulness to Christ and His church – and the joy with which they have served – has never wavered. My dad has been a Sunday School teacher for 59 years. He was my teacher when I was a child. They worked with the youth group when I was a teenager. He continued to teach after we all left home. I have watched them minister to the members of their Sunday School classes over the years. Their love for Christ and His church has inspired my love for both.

I am eternally grateful for my spiritual heritage. I don’t know where I would be today without it. It makes me want to encourage today’s parents to be intentional about bringing up their children in the church, and more importantly, in Christ. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t think we realize the significance of our commitment and attitude toward the church… until it is too late. The relatively few years we have to help them shape their faith have a profound and eternal impact. We cannot afford to waste a single one. It also makes me reflect on the countless individuals all around us who have no church background at all. They don’t know what they don’t know. How much God loves them. That they can have a personal relationship with Him. That only He can provide real purpose in life.

I’m going to preach Sunday on intentionality. Four men had a friend who needed Jesus. They weren’t going to let anything stop them from getting the two together. Because of their intentionality, lives were changed.

See you Sunday! ~ John