Pastor’s Perspective 07-15-2020

I have learned over the years that it is the simple things in life that mean the most. And I have experienced a lot more of the simple things since I became a grandfather.

This has been a summer of major transitions for our family. Our one son and his family are now settled in Monterey, CA. He just completed his first week of classes – online for now – at the Naval Postgraduate School. Big adjustment for him being back in the classroom. His twin brother has made a major career change in recent weeks. After two years with Georgia-Pacific in Tallahassee, FL he landed a new job in northern Kentucky as an operations manager for Amazon. He, too, just started his training last week in preparation to work at a brand new sort facility set to open in a few weeks. His wife and their two children have been with us the past three weeks as he gets settled in his new job and as they wait to close on their first house. Which leads me back to the simple things in life.

Ryleigh (5) is our oldest granddaughter. Full of life and the most photogenic member of our family for sure. She has taught me how to play the kids version of Scrabble, Monopoly, and Clue (Outfoxed).  And I recently taught her how to play checkers. She is super competitive. Got that from both Gigi and Pops! Learning how to read and write, she is also into writing short notes. We have a couple of small parachutes that are designed to be packed inside a shell about the size of a softball and thrown into the air. The shell breaks open for the parachute to deploy and descend to the ground. With the unpacked parachute dangling below its shell, Ryleigh approached me with a “present.” She pulled the shell apart to reveal a 5×7 note carefully folded up inside. I opened the note to find the words:  “Dear Pops, I Love You.” Of course, it touched my heart and I let her know. That prompted a second note… same method of delivery… with the same words. Different color crayon this time. Those notes are sitting on my desk at work as I pen these words.

Right beside my Bible. Another letter of love from the Author of love. Whatever else the Bible may be to us, it is essentially a note from the Father that says, “Dear ______, I Love You!” It really is the simple things in life that mean the most.

See you Sunday! ~ John