Pastor’s Perspective 06-30-2020

I really don’t like meetings. It’s kind of a running joke among the staff. I’ve wasted far too much of my life in meetings that didn’t concern me or didn’t accomplish anything. Sunday night’s meeting with the deacons was not one of those meetings. Even though it lasted two hours. It was a conversation we’ve needed to have for a long time. I was fully engaged from start to finish. The topic was our 2020 Vision and what the next phase looks like. We shared a lot of information, fielded lots of good questions, and had a healthy discussion. I am happy to report we have both clarity and excitement for our next step.

We are going to address the sound in our sanctuary and the capability to provide a quality livestream of that service on par with what we already can do with our early service in the fellowship hall. We have known about the sound issues for years. We’ve had a highly respected acoustician complete a study on those issues in 2007 and again in 2019 and have done essentially nothing to date to address his findings. This will be the first piece of this next phase of our 2020 Vision. It will be fixed this year. As soon as we have the money in hand. Potentially in weeks. Right on its heels, we will acquire the technology we need to produce a quality livestream of our 11:00 service. Prior to COVID-19, we only offered that service on radio. Given the fact that the majority of our folks are still worshipping with us online… and will be for the foreseeable future, we need to provide this capability ASAP. Between our two services in recent months we are averaging about 2500 people tuning in on livestream each Sunday. They need and have every reason to expect a quality view of our 11:00 service. We have a detailed plan to make that happen.

The 2020 Vision Committee, the worship technology committee, and the ministerial staff have been working diligently to put this plan together. We have clear consensus and excitement. And now the full support of the deacon body. After paying off our church debt last year, we made a decision to not go back into debt but rather to pay as we go. I am confident that just as you have risen to the challenge to pay off the debt and make significant investments in our three international mission partners, that we will pull together to accomplish this next step in our 2020 Vision. We will be sharing more details soon. If I sound excited, I am!

See you Sunday!  ~ John