Pastor’s Perspective 06-23-2020

Father’s Day has come and gone. I continue to cherish my role as a dad to our three adult children and as “Pops” to our seven grandchildren. Second only to my biblical responsibility to be the husband God wants me to be to Gaye, there is no more significant role I will fulfill in my life than being the father and grandfather God wants me to be to our children and grandchildren. Too often our families get the short end of the stick when work and other things consume our time and attention. By the time we reach retirement, the kids have long left the nest and our ability to shape them is greatly diminished.
Being a dad for over 34 years now has given me a much greater understanding of and appreciation for our Heavenly Father. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my children. I’d lay down my life for any one of them. As I have watched them struggle in different seasons over the course of their lives, I have wanted to step in to help them. To take their pain and disappointment away. To protect them from things and people that can harm them. But letting them struggle and figure out how to deal with life is a necessary part of their growing up. And of their spiritual formation. And when they excel or achieve success in life, no one is more proud than I am. It doesn’t matter how old they are.
Why then do we question God’s desire or ability to care for us as our Heavenly Father? Or His pride and joy when He sees us grow in our faith or achieve success in our lives? Why is it so hard for us to believe that God wants nothing but the absolute best for us? And why do we doubt that God hears and answers our prayers? The Bible reminds us that even though we mean well as earthly fathers, we are imperfect. God, on the other hand, is perfect. He has the desire and the ability to provide for our every need in life. To bless us beyond anything we deserve. To hear and answer our prayers because He loves us and wants what it best for us. And only He has the wisdom to know what that “best” is.
My decades of experience as a dad, informed by the wisdom of God’s Word, has profoundly impacted my understanding of prayer and my actual prayer life. This coming Sunday I will address the third promise in this series on the promises of God. The promise that God hears and answer our prayers. See you Sunday! ~ John