Pastor’s Perspective 06-16-2020

If there were ever a time we need to be praying, it is now. I have been waiting to share a beautiful piece on prayer by Anne Graham Lotz. I trust it will bless you as it has me. ~ John

His consistency in my devotion,
His fervency in my prayers,
His simplicity in my lifestyle,
His purity in my motives.
His faithfulness in my commitments,
His unselfishness in my relationships,
His forgiveness in my conflicts,
His gentleness in my actions,
His kindness in my marriage.
His blessings in my brokeness,
His strength in my weakness,
His courage in my convictions,
His joy in my circumstances,
His will in my priorities.
His contentment in my disappointments,
His wisdom in my decisions,
His discipline in my day,
His vision in my priorities.
His purpose in my steps,
His peace in my storms,
His presence in my home,
His power in my life.
His tears in my eyes,
His voice in my ears,
His thoughts in my mind,
His work in my hands,
His words in my mouth,
His love in my heart.