Pastor’s Perspective 06-18-19

As most of you know, my oldest daughter graduated from High School last month. What an exciting time it has been as we moved towards the end of the school year, marking each event as the last one…last school picture, last test, last Youth Week, last dance recital, etc. Everyone always asks me how I have handled this important milestone, and this has been my answer. I have savored and cherished each moment. I have watched Hannah grow from this baby I first met in Vietnam, to this young woman that I know is going to let God use her in mighty ways. He is just starting. I haven’t cried much except when I talk about my Church family. I can hardly get those words out of my mouth without tears filling my eyes, even now as I write these words. You see, I was a single adult Youth Minister who took teenagers to Kenya on a mission trip in 1999. I knew it would change their lives and it did. But little did I know how much it would change my life. I remember thinking as we were serving in an orphanage in the Dandora Slum of Nairobi; one parent is better than no parent. It took me a couple of years to voice that God was calling me to adopt, but when I did, God moved.
God not only moved in the way I was led to an adoption agency, to Vietnam and to how Hannah was named, but He moved our Church. There is no way that I could have adopted 2 children and raised them without this family called Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. They have helped us financially and physically. At the time of Hannah’s adoption, my biological family lived at least 10 hours away in all directions. My parents both passed away soon after bringing Ella home. But my Church family has stepped up to be fathers and grandparents. They have kept my children when I traveled on many youth trips and mission trips. They not only kept my girls, they made sure they were at church, dance lessons and soccer games. They have showed up at dance recitals and sports events. Many times, my girls would have more people at their events than others with their families. There are no words to describe how grateful I am and my girls know that their Church is their family.
I say this to encourage each of you to do the same for others. We live in a military town where many are away from their biological families as well. We have other single parent families and single adults. Everyone needs family to help them through life. Romans 12:10 says Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. We are called to be the Church, we are called to be there for one another.
Serving Together, Susie