Pastor’s Perspective 06-04-19

I realize I have written a lot about children and youth in recent weeks, but I have to go where the Spirit leads me on Monday morning. J  This week’s column comes courtesy of our grandchildren who currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida. Mason turned two on Sunday and was so excited to be the center of attention. Ryleigh (4) graduated from her first year of pre-K. Her teacher at school had her answer a series of fill in the blank questions about both of her parents. I think teachers who do this with children this young are looking to entertain themselves or the parents or both. Or perhaps they are just trying to help parents capture their children’s perspective at a special moment in time.

I found Ryleigh’s answers amusing, insightful and heart-warming. She said her mom is 13 years old with blue eyes and brown hair. Her job is to protect me. She loves to eat squash and her favorite drink is water. She is really good at watching my brother. She always says, “I love you!” She is happy when I help her clean up. And she is SUPER because she helps me. About her dad, she said he is 21 years old with green eyes and brown hair. His job is “that he loves me.” He loves to eat leftovers and his favorite drink is water. He is really good at loving me. He always says he loves me. He is happy when he makes silly jokes at me. And he is SUPER because we do Bible app at night.

Her answers warmed my heart and made me think about my parents and my early childhood. My earliest childhood memory is family devotions every evening. The last thing my three younger sisters and I did with our parents before we went to bed was read from the Bible (one child per night), briefly discuss what we had read, and pray on our knees around the bed in one of our bedrooms. Looking back, my life has been profoundly shaped by my parents’ love for me and their clear and consistent faith in Christ from my earliest days. I am the man I am today because of their love and the way they went about intentionally introducing me to Jesus. We can leave no greater legacy with our children and our grandchildren.

See you Sunday! ~ John