Pastor’s Perspective 05-28-19

My daughter-in-law met with my 5-year-old grandson’s pre-K teacher for his end of year assessment. Early in their meeting, Carson’s teacher told his mom that he was destined to be a preacher. When Amber asked why she said that, the teacher said he talks about Jesus all the time at school. Amber asked if that was a problem. The teacher, who is a Christian, said not for me. She then went on to tell about a recent art class in which Carson painted some crosses. When his teacher came to review his work, Carson addressed her by name and asked her in a very serious manner if she knew what the crosses meant. She asked him to explain. He told her that Jesus died on one of those crosses but that God had raised Him back to life. Amber told the teacher that didn’t surprise her at all given Carson’s extended family.

I share this story not to brag about my grandson, though I am extremely proud of him for sharing Jesus with his teacher and his friends at school. He is doing what all of us should be doing. Taking Jesus with us wherever we go and letting His light shine in and through us for all to see. This story reinforces a point I have made many times before. Our children are like sponges. They are listening to what we tell them and they are taking it all in. They are beginning to shape their understanding of God by what they hear from us and see in us. We have a golden opportunity to introduce them to Jesus early in life, setting them up for success later when they will make their own decision to receive Him as their Savior and make Him Lord of their life.

One of the single most important weeks of the year for our children and others from our community is Vacation Bible School. Ours is the last week in June, 24-28. Hundreds of children will attend. It is a rare opportunity for them to have an intensive time of biblical teaching and fun for an entire week. Many children from our Learning Center will participate. Some will be exposed to the Gospel and Jesus’ love for them for the first time. My wife made her profession of faith in Jesus during VBS as a little girl. That decision has resulted in a lifetime of ministry for the Lord. The potential for this year’s VBS is unlimited! We are currently short about a dozen workers and need some folks to step up to invest in the lives of these children. Please let Karen McAmis know you are willing to serve. I thank you in advance.

See you Sunday! ~ John