Pastor’s Perspective 05-19-2020

I made my first trip of the year to the beach this past weekend. We weren’t sure we were going until we confirmed the beach would be “open.” Our son is waiting on the Army’s approval to move his family to California for his next assignment. We wanted to share some time with them before they have to leave. Though the visit was quick, the weather was perfect and our grandsons had a great time.
Josh and I were watching his three sons down by the water. Chase just learned how to walk and was excited to see if he could walk on water. The boy has no fear! A man from the group next to us approached Josh to ask if his two oldest boys were twins. I broke away from the conversation early to stay with the boys. Josh and the man talked for maybe 10-15 minutes. The man is a high school teacher from North Carolina. He, too, has three sons. The youngest is now in high school. His message to Josh was to treasure the time he has with his three boys while they are still young. The language he used indicated he was a Christian. He said he knows Josh is probably working hard to build his kingdom. He told him he didn’t want him to spend all his time doing so only to turn around one day and find he doesn’t have anyone left in his kingdom. They talked about football for a few minutes and then parted company. Words of wisdom from a stranger on the beach.
I know we are all looking forward to putting this pandemic behind us and getting our country and our lives back to normal. Even if it is a new normal. But I, for one, have enjoyed seeing families spending more time together. Many of us have enjoyed more time with our families than we ever would have had COVID-19 not invaded our lives and taken our “normal.” I sincerely hope when all this is over that our new normal includes more time for the things that are most important in life.
This whole conversation ties in with my message this coming Sunday. The last sermon in our short series on eternal life and the fact that eternity is now in session. God’s eternal kingdom is here! Now! That is the kingdom in which we need to be investing. Eternal life – by definition – is about things eternal. My sermon title is “Open Our Eyes, Lord!” Please join us for worship on Sunday. ~ John