Pastor’s Perspective 05-06-2016

Pastors Perspective graphic-03 (2)There is a relatively new television show called Little Bigshots hosted by Steve Harvey. The series features young children from around the world with amazing talent. And personality. It is unbelievable what some of these kids are able to do. And willing to do in front of a large audience in house and on television.

We have our own talent pool right here at Snyder. Our children absolutely amaze me every year on Children’s Sunday. They are talented. They are self-confident. They are joyous. They are obviously comfortable leading their large church family in worship. Their comfort level and self-confidence are not fostered in a vacuum. The culture in our church is more than children friendly. It is children affirming. Children embracing. Children empowering. Our children know they are loved and valued as integral members of their church family. Precisely how the family of God should be!

As I was walking into the 11:00 service Sunday, our youngest choir was lined up in the hallway behind the sanctuary. I walked down the line letting each child “give me five.” I did the same with a few of the children seated on the bleachers in the sanctuary. Carla Crenshaw came over and told me some of the kids on the other side of the bleachers wanted to say hi to me as well. They really just wanted to get in on the high five action. When I finally sat down, someone who was watching smiled and said, “you do know this is a worship service, don’t you?”

Absolutely. And I am also keenly aware of the importance of our children knowing their pastor, seeing him as friendly and approachable, and feeling he genuinely loves them. Because I do. It brought me great joy these past two Sundays to tell as many of our children as I could that they were awesome, that I was proud of them, and that they had blessed me. It warms my heart to be part of a church that embraces its little people the way we do. Together, we are investing not only in the spiritual development of each of our children, as eternally important as that is. But we are investing in the health of the local church of today and tomorrow. I am very encouraged about the future of our church and His.

See you Sunday! ~ John