Pastor’s Perspective 05-05-2020

We continue to live through a once-in-a-lifetime season of disruption and uncertainty. I never would have believed the extensive impact of a virus over the lives and livelihood of millions unless I had lived through it myself. Three months ago, no one would have predicted that high school and college graduates would not be able to receive their diplomas the way graduates have for generations. Nationwide! Churches remain closed for corporate worship. In America! Many Christian mothers won’t be able to enjoy the presence of their children in worship on Mothers’ Day this coming Sunday. I hope to be able to make the day special for all our mothers nonetheless.

Motherhood is not easy. And polls continue to show that most mothers feel they fall short in their role. The glowing standard presented in Proverbs 31 doesn’t help much. Does any such woman really exist? Christian comedienne Patsy Clairmont wrote an article years ago asking the question, “Does the Proverbs 31 woman have a name?” She goes on to vote for “Mrs. Get on Your Nerves” or “Mrs. I Have No Friends because I’m so Perfect.” But her article concludes with a segment on the impact of a mother’s touch. I want to share an excerpt of it here.

“Proverbs 31 highlights wonderful ways a woman can effectively and even eternally reach out to others. Six times hands are mentioned, and many more times they are implied, suggesting the incredible influence of a woman’s touch. And for me, I find I must first reach up before I can effectively reach out. Hands down (and up), women have made a difference through the ages. Consider Hannah, who relinquished young Samuel to the priesthood for the good of God’s people. And the woman with the issue of blood who risked persecution and prosecution – there were laws against public involvement for those considered unclean – when she touched the hem of the Savior. What about Jochebed, who with her hands wove a tiny ark to protect Israel’s future, Moses? And Ruth, who physically supported her mother-in-law through the valley of the shadow of death and then birthed a son who was included in the lineage of Christ. And of course Mary, who lifted her hands to heaven in surrender and presented the world with a Savior.”

Mothers have made – and continue to make – a profound impact on our lives. I hope you will join us for worship Sunday as we celebrate their role in God’s eternal plan. ~ John