Pastor’s Perspective 04-09-19

I’ve been around long enough and talked to enough people from all walks of life to know that many of us struggle at times with doubts about whether what we are doing in life is really making any difference. Mothers of preschoolers come to mind. Their days all run together and seem to never end. Given that their little ones almost certainly won’t remember anything at all about these long days, it’s easy for these hard-working mothers to wonder if what is exhausting them is of any value. It is, of course. Parents of teenagers wonder how best to help their adolescents navigate an ever increasingly complicated world. Is their best effort to parent making any difference?

These doubts can easily spill over into the spiritual realm. For both parents and those of us in ministry. Assuming we all want our children and youth to develop a lifelong intimate relationship with Jesus, is what we are doing here contributing to that end? Our experience this past weekend should leave no doubt! The first time I saw the video Susie put together of our church members inter-generationally being the hands and feet of Christ in our community on Operation Inasmuch Blitz Day, I got emotional. Our children and youth are growing up in a church that strongly believes we need to be on mission for Christ outside the four walls of our building. They were clearly passionate and fulfilled in their service for Him on Saturday.

This past Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays of the year. Our children absolutely amaze me every year with their eagerness and courage to share their talents and lead us in worship. They are growing up in a church family where they know they are valued and loved. And where they are taught that God can use them now to serve Him.

I want to publicly thank the MANY volunteers who made this weekend a huge success. For every children’s choir that sang in the 11:00 service, there are a number of adults who work diligently each week with these children to make it possible. A special thank you to both Susie Reeder and Karen McAmis for their leadership. And a word of encouragement to all of our parents and volunteers. We ARE making a difference! An eternal difference! Stay the course. Keep the faith.

See you Sunday as our youth will lead us in worship. ~ John