Pastor’s Perspective 02-09-2021

The first week of February has been especially difficult for our international mission partners, particularly in Myanmar and Haiti. On February 1st, the citizens of Myanmar awoke to learn that their democratically elected leaders had all been detained by the military and would remain so for one year. We were in communication with Hung Kee Paing within hours of learning about the military coup. He was justifiably concerned and uncertain about how this would impact his family and ministry. Citizens were instructed to stay home initially, unable even to go to the market to buy food. His family is not immediately destitute, but what they have won’t last forever. He warned us the internet could be cut off at any time and it was for a while. HKP lives in Yangon, the most populated city in Myanmar, where thousands have taken to the streets to demonstrate the past couple of days demanding that their elected officials be released and democracy restored. The banks in Myanmar are still closed precluding us from wiring money to HKP for his family, the children they support, and his ministry.

Haiti is also experiencing major turmoil. Already the poorest country in the western hemisphere, some Haitians are saying their country is in the worst state they have seen. Poverty, hunger and daily power cuts have been exacerbated by increased gang activity, frequent kidnappings for ransom, and now a conflict over the end date of the current President’s term. He refused to step down on February 7th saying his term will end on this date in 2022. Many are demanding he step down now. The work of Haiti Outreach Ministries is significantly impacted by the chaos and unrest. The kidnappings and violence are unsafe for the children.

Most of the world may not care much about these two countries. But God does. And we certainly do, having established long-term relationships and invested lots of time, energy and resources in supporting our mission partners. I could tell from how quickly HKP reached out to me just how much he values our love, support and prayers. I know Pastor Leon in Haiti does as well. We would all do well to realize just how good we have it here in America – in spite of our challenges – and devote more of our attention and prayers to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Myanmar, Haiti and Kenya, and all over this world Jesus came to save.

See you Sunday! ~ John